Fundraising for My Best Friend

One day in primary 4 I was sitting at my table, chatting away with my friends and doing my work when two new girls walked in, Elli and Mariea. At the time I knew I wanted to be friends with them, little did I know how huge a part Elli would play in my life. From Primary 4 and  onward Elli and were practically inseparable. We were basically sisters, never left each others side. I stayed at her house, she stayed at mine, she came to Liverpool with me when I stayed with my dad, we laughed together, cried together, did everything together. For a while people probably thought that my name was Andelli (‘Have you invited Alice and Elli?’ ‘what are Alice and Elli doing?’). I think you probably get what I mean, we were the best friends that you can imagine. 

On January 4th 2011 I lost my best friend. It’s weird, most of that night and the following weeks are a huge blur, but I remember after I heard about the accident stumbling through to my mums bedroom to wake her and thinking to myself ‘I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.’ I still have nightmares about it. It’s a weird feeling losing someone, feeling numb, not caring about anything else, just drifting along. I remember the way people looked at me when I was in school; a mixture of sympathy, pity and intrigue.

Elli was killed in a road accident by a driver who has never been found. The charity BRAKE, have done so much to help me and Elli’s family who I still see on a regular basis. Her three younger siblings (including Eva who was five days old on the day of Elli’s accident) and parents have received such great support to make the horrible loss that little bit easier. That is why I am running a 5k race, holding a bake sale, bag packing in the supermarket and holding a charity party at my work for this incredible charity in memory of my best friend. It’s the least I can do for such an amazing foundation. 

If anybody wishes to donate then I’d love you forever!! 

Thank you for reading, Alice. x 

This is my crazy best friend who I miss and love every day ❤ 



The Inaugural Post

This is my first ever post on my first ever blog so go easy on me.

My name is Alice Keil and I’m an 18 year old media student from Scotland.

We’re all being encouraged to start a blog to help get the creative juices flowing or something. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to write here so I’ll just begin by telling you about myself. Like I said, I’m 18 years old and studying BA Media & Communication in Stirling but ultimately I want to pursue a career in International Politics. There’s not much I can really write about myself when I think about it. I’m a pretty average teenager; I go to college, work two part-time jobs and that’s pretty much it! I’m an avid shopper and need to work two jobs in order to fuel my addiction. I live at home with my maw who also happens to be my best friend – she’s mental and hilarious and incredible. I go out with friends as often as I can and enjoy a good glass/bottle of wine/vodka/beer/cider/rum every now and then. I watch crappy TV, listen to crappy music and I love pugs and Morrissey.

I wanted to write a bit about what my future posts would concern but I can’t really tell you… we’ll just have to see how it goes!

I imagine everyone has given up by now so if anybody is still reading at this point then congrats, we should be friends! So yeah, that’s about it for this post. Thank you if anybody actually read it.

Alice 🙂 ♥Image